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I am passionate about jewellery and have been devoted to the art form since 1998. I was first introduced to manufacturing jewellery in high school in Sydney Australia. This is where it all changed and I was introduced to this beautiful craft by my amazing teacher and mentor, Mrs. P.


I can't thank her enough as her guidance and teachings changed my life. After graduating high school, I enrolled in The University of Johannesburg. Where I studied jewellery design and manufacture where I pursued a career in the art form. There was a keen focus on design, the history of art and jewellery manufacturing. During my time there, I also became an award-winning designer.


I use several manufacturing techniques to create my designs. From traditional hand-manufacturing techniques to 3D computer modelling and 3D printing. Amongst other techniques, I leverage the strengths of each approach and blend their attributes.


Over the years, I have traveled to different countries. To study their manufacturing processes, and techniques. I met skilled artisans willing to share what they had learned over their lifetime in the trade. Each country and each individual have their own native techniques, design styles, and approaches. From conceptualizing designs, manufacturing approaches, and the metallurgy of different alloys. Each gives different results to the finished piece.


My work involves unique approaches, which take advantage of multiple sets of skills. The pieces I am creating need approaches that are for the most part, undocumented. This is because of the dynamic nature of the process. It requires very specific procedures which I had to develop based on my experiences over the years. Variables such as thermal dynamics, fluid dynamics, and alloy composition characteristics. To name a few, they all play a part in the outcome. Each needs to be considered independently and how each impact the other variables. These change each time, depending on the proportions and size of the specific project.

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