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Alluring, lustre & understood by all cultures.

Gold is a playful precious metal. It is a metal where patience, experimentation and an understanding of all components including thermal dynamics and alloys are required. Working with gold is a learnt craft where processes, habits and solutions continue to evolve from the traditional methods. It is an art form where accountability, understanding and craftsmanship differentiate experts and masters from amateurs. Although all creatives will forever be students, learning from their trials. 


After 25yrs of working with gold I recognise how much control I don’t have. All I can do is create an environment for the best chance for desired outcomes. Experimenting with the abstract possibilities and overcoming the variables of the craft is all consuming and always on my mind. The learnings from my great mentors are present throughout the studio. Everyday I create with a handed down gold recipe with Greek origins. 


My learnings, ability and passion for precious metals manifest through my art practice and Vinny & Charles. Where together with my wife we lovingly handcraft fine jewellery for unique souls. We create; alternative, unique, hand finished pieces from solid gold, and ethically sourced gemstones & lab grown diamonds. Inspired by nature our pieces are one of a kind & made to order.

All my creative outcomes are innately considered and expertly crafted to inspire the audience to explore the limitless possibilities of creativity present within nature.

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