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Get to know Chris

Chris Winspear, a precious metal artist who creates hyper realistic gold sculptures infused with nature. Invites the audience to disengage from reality, pause & respond to the exploration of expert craftsmanship and the abstract perspectives of organic subjects. The works are intricately crafted. Each finite detail is considered. 


Intrigue, fear and discomfort are valid, all consuming and transformative responses from the audience which lead to inspired thoughts of unique creativity. Chris is driven by his gift, purpose and talent to explore physical, virtual and digital spaces which are accessible to all. 


Inspired by the juxtaposition of venomous spiders with high street value, Chris honours each insect, spider & creature to continue its purpose past life. Humane processes are essential in the studio to respect each spider. All spiders and insects are sustainability sourced & victims of pest control or at risk of extermination. 


The debut collection of arachnids will be conceptually photographed, using unique angles, lighting and features as NFTs which are secured by blockchains. The physical form will appear in galleries worldwide not to be sold. The one of a kind sculptures are available for commission and are authenticated. 

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creative exploration + biography

Intrigue, wonder and the determination to inspire others drives my creativity. 


Inspired, creative and guided by my grandmothers the creativity began. They introduced pottery, watercolour, sketching, sewing and woodwork which primed my curiosity for creating. As a child I have fond memories of playing with scooby doo wires which were the name for electrical copper wire cut offs with various coloured coatings. We’d create all kinds of shapes and forms. Although growing up in South Africa options were limited in the creative fields. It was after my family migrated to Australia I was able to begin the exploration in jewellery making and woodwork at school. The intricate crafts felt natural and began with ease although I was dedicated and recognised my mentors. Before long I was submitting pieces into recognised competitions and gained respect within the industry. After completing school in Australia seeking adventure ultimately took me back to South Africa where I began formal studies at, what is now called, The university of Johannesburg. Since then I have lived and breathed jewellery. Consistently playing with precious metals to form beautiful, intricate and refined pieces. 


A profound awakening directly encouraged the idea to migrate back to Australia after some time in South Africa. In short, there was a robbery and I was held at gunpoint. This event shifted my perspective, cut away the bullshit and I knew, it was if, not when, would this happen again. 


Relocating to Australia, connecting with the community and collaborating with my wife in business we experienced our new home and surroundings together. It was in these first couple months spiders were making themselves known. Eye catching pests with such intricate details were due to be exterminated as they took over. It was horrifying seeing the creatures leave their homes to die. There was such a variety of venomous red backs and black spiders. Reflecting on practices from thousands of years ago packing insects with clay to form moulds and casting the creatures was inspiring and all consuming. A problem to solve, a new technique to explore and outcome to refine. After trials with a variety of insects the fragility of some parts were unsuccessful. I had discovered my creative outlet. It was the first time since childhood I was creating art for art's sake. 


As I forge forward with experiments, entrepreneurial ideas and passion to create the outcomes are endless.

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