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Future proofing and integrating new technologies.

NFT’s are digital asset with a unique identifier stored and recorded on a blockchain. It can not be copied, the items can be transferred enabling the sale and trade of the assets via crypto wallets.


As this technology becomes more accessible and leveraged by more people there is an opportunity to explore the integration of physical art in unique digital forms. 

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To connect with the hyper engaged community & creators there is a team of moderators to assist in the development of the CW art brands presence in the NFT/Web 3.0 space. 


The unique physical sculptures will be conceptually photographed, using unique angles, lighting and features as NFTs. The physical form will appear in galleries worldwide, some being sold for personal collections. The artworks in digital form will vary in value, amount and appearance. 


We hope to innovate, connect and enjoy this technological opportunity to ultimately inspire others.

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