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Creating for arts sake.

A personal venture which invites experimentation and boundless creativity in the studio. A place for play, discovery, failure and passion to thrive. Art feeds the soul and encourages my abstract perspectives to form and respond to my environment. 


Nature, the greatest inspiration.


Drives my fascination with the golden ratio, balance and natural forms, present within pine cones, sea shells, leaves, plants and insects. Nature will always exist, it is the only constant within our world.


It is a powerful reminder we only have so much control, much like working with precious metals. 


My perspective

Art is more than just jewellery making, it's about utilising my expertise to create something unique which invites the audience to disengage from reality, pause & appreciate adagio. Even for just a moment. Each piece evokes a connection to specific emotional touch points, sense, and feeling. Felt through the physical, digital and virtual applications. 

Dedication and understanding are required to create such unique intricate sculptures of arachnids. The process is slow, thoughtful and intimate. To achieve such detail in gold casts. I use the lost wax cast method, where there is one chance. Much like life, there is one chance to make an impact. A sense of fragility and trust is felt during the creation process, connecting to both the spider and gold. Capturing the essence, finite details and the unique arachnid infused with nature is my intention.


The juxtaposition of venomous spiders with high street value inspired the development of this art form. I honour each insect, spider & creature to continue its purpose past life. All spiders and insects are sustainability sourced & victims of pest control or at risk of extermination. The creatures used, like myself, are a part of the mosaic of life and deserve appreciation. 

As the subjects, mediums and applications are explored my portfolio will expand through many experiments. Everyday I am grateful to have found art as a creative outlet. Creating is my purpose, it is something I had to do.

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