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A homage to mental health. Using Acacia Aneura, known by First Nations People as snake wood, 18ct yellow gold and diamonds. Creating a unique harmonious composition. 


Within the form, discover the centrepiece, an Australian Black spider (Badumna insignis), cast in gold, positioned at the opening of a knot within the wood. This positioning is very poignant, as it symbolises our consciousness, a near obsession on negative thinking. 


The arachnid is drawn toward the hole, a safe haven. A space to crawl into, for solitude, self care and healing.


Sourced organic Acacia Aneura produces striking forms with violent contortions and unique wood grain. Solitudes orientation extends upwards seemingly reaching up and out. Symbolic of the uphill struggle, to overcome our own thinking, rationalising our thoughts and taiming our ever active monkey mind.


All gold elements are anchored to the wood with 18ct gold points, terminated with a diamond. 


In memory of Mark.



Acacia Aneura, known by the First Nations People as snake wood, 18ct yellow gold diamonds and a ruby. 


A struggle of survival, leaning on the attributes and gifts we inherited from birth. An unfair advantage of capability if we choose to use them. Discover the symbolic 18ct gold asymmetric forms representing strength and a woman's uterus. 


The organic contortion of the wood represents the shift in perspective. The understanding and awakening of becoming a parent. The duty, the obligation and the gift of looking after a new life. 


The spider embodies life and death we all face. The realisation of our own fragility and the mortality of our loved ones. Our shared humanity, the acknowledgement that we are all someone's child, worthy and deserving of love, kindness and compassion. 


All anchors are terminated by diamonds, except one. The anchor furthest from the spider's limb. It is terminated with a ruby, to represent the trauma and hardships of birth, completely misunderstood. Only a mother truly knows the sacrifice, the pain, the conscious awareness and the joy.

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18ct yellow gold


A slow moment in time. A reminder to disengage from our stress response. Take a step back and change the subject of focus. Become absorbed back into your own centre and regain your connection with your self control. Re-focus on what is important and take on your challenges from a composed perspective. 

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