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I create gold sculptures. My goal is to create a collection of art that will be exhibited in galleries and at events worldwide.


The first several pieces I am creating, incorporate actual spiders. Using some of the techniques mentioned above, I have turned them into solid gold. Australia has many very toxic and venomous spiders. All the spiders I use were either fumigated by a pest control operator or were at risk of being fumigated. Either way, they would have been exterminated. And I use the most humane means to put them to sleep if they are not already.


As a one-of-one artist, I am integrally linked to my craft and intend to keep adding more pieces to the collection. And With the completion of each, I will photograph them.


I use different angles, lighting, and locations to create a dynamic collection of each. Launched as NFTs, the photographic art is secured on the blockchain. This is to ensure authenticity and proof of ownership for the collectors. This also makes it as easy as possible for collectors to both buy and sell the art online.


Unless privately commissioned, each physical gold sculpture is retained. And used for display purposes. Once NFTs have been published, the physical asset is not sold.


This is a time-consuming process and it is not possible to be available at all times. However, a team of moderators are. Their role is to maintain open communication and answer FAQs that arise. I will communicate on both Twitter and Discord. The times and dates will be published in advance. Updates, current pieces, and important dates will be found here.

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