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NFTs or non-fungible tokens are in the form of a digital asset. Where a fungible token has no uniqueness outside of its demarcated value.


If you are loaned $10, you can repay that loan with another $10 bill. It does not have to be the same bill you were loaned, only the value of the bill is important.


In the case of a non-fungible token, it is unique and there is no like for like. Each NFT is unique due to the registration number it receives when it is lodged on the blockchain.


Only one asset will ever receive that registration number, making it unique. a real-world example of this an apartment in an apartment complex. Let’s say there are 4 units, all with the exact same layout, being a 3 bed 2 bath.


Each unit is unique due to several factors and can alter their value. Such as, their location in the complex and if there is road noise due to its proximity to the road. Or whether it’s a ground floor unit.


There is a lot more to blockchain technology and this is just a simplified overview of it.


How are we using NFTs?


Each image is individually curated. Considerations such as lighting effects, camera angles, and location are considered. These will include studio shots, action shots and lifestyle shots.


We are creating a limited number of NFTs for original publication. Annually, there is to be a strictly controlled, limited release of additional assets. This is with the intent to help nurture the community and bolster engagement.

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