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My name is Chris Winspear and I started in the jewellery industry in 1998. I’ve gained experience in 3 countries, namely Australia, South Africa and Sicily. I’ve also been a recipient of first place award in the South African Jewellex jewellery design competition in 2004 which was featured in several publications.

After 20 years of manufacturing bespoke jewellery, I needed a change, a different challenge. An organic expression for my creative side. Something in contrast to the symmetrical, mathematical precision and design style that is widespread in fine jewellery as we know it today.



The cigar plinth has been created by employing 18ct yellow gold into its creation. The spider, which is an Australian Huntsman, was produced by using ancient techniques and was also cast in 18ct yellow gold.

By leveraging the use of this ancient technique and combining it with modern technology, we were able to create this artwork.

It has been created in such a way that it can’t be reproduced. It is a once off creation that will always have its own accents, nuances and is entirely unique.

The creation has been a labour of love and time. From design, melding and forming through to aesthetical intrigue. It has been 3 years in the making and now it has a stage, a presence. Its journey to completion resonates its purpose. Not to be rushed, but rather to encourage one to take a slow moment in time, an adagio to truly appreciate the present, to reflect, refine and empower.


Why Precious Metal Art?

There is something very liberating in creating something that is so raw, so foreign and abstract. The word “art” and “sculpt” is often used in the world of bespoke jewellery which isn’t misplaced.

However, it is very refined and typically stripped of any organic elements that would take it to the next step of making it something even more unique, this is because the human eye likes symmetry.

Boundaries need to be pushed, beliefs challenged and limiting perceptions tested. I realise that this isn’t for everyone and that’s ok, but for those who do resonate with my work, I hope it gives you something which makes you stop and appreciate the present moment and all it has to offer, to engage with something that is outside your norm. I want you to take an adagio, a slow moment in time to change your mind set, to disconnect from the stress responses and reset.

And hopefully, it will become an automatic response where you will remember to simply be in the moment and truly appreciate it. To take time for yourself.

To awaken the soul, sometimes we need to do what we feel, more than what we think.



Chris Winspear Adagio

The most valuable asset we have is time. A finite resource that needs to be valued over all other things. How we spend our time is our legacy. Within it we determine our achievements and failures. Our proudest moments and our greatest challenges.

In order to refocus, we need to take a precious brief moment to step back and take an objective account of what has been done and where we are heading.

All of these moments in our life make us who we are by how we choose to respond to them. We need reminding to disengage, to take a step back.

We need an adagio, slow time to ensure our responses are best serving us. To take account of our accomplishments, learn from our challenges, to re-focus on our objectives and enjoy the moment.



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