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A homage to mental health. Using Acacia Aneura, known by First Nations People as snake wood, 18ct yellow gold and diamonds. Creating a unique harmonious composition. 


Within the form, discover the centrepiece, an Australian Black spider (Badumna insignis), cast in gold, positioned at the opening of a knot within the wood. This positioning is very poignant, as it symbolises our consciousness, a near obsession on negative thinking. 


The arachnid is drawn toward the hole, a safe haven. A space to crawl into, for solitude, self care and healing.


Sourced organic Acacia Aneura produces striking forms with violent contortions and unique wood grain. Solitudes orientation extends upwards seemingly reaching up and out. Symbolic of the uphill struggle, to overcome our own thinking, rationalising our thoughts and taiming our ever active monkey mind.


All gold elements are anchored to the wood with 18ct gold points, terminated with a diamond. 

  • Details


    Cut: Round

    Colour: E/F

    Clarity: VVS
    Carat: 0.05ct

  • Shipping & Delivery

    All purchasees will be contacted direct to confirm delivery address and estimated delivery times. Please note secure delivery addresses are required.

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